RAD Formally Releases ROAMEO 2.0

So What Is Under the New ROAMEO’s Hood?

ROAMEO 2.0 is loaded with improvements, enhancements and new features, based on early customer feedback and RAD’s intensive testing at the REX proving grounds and test track near Detroit.

ROAMEO’s power core has been completely overhauled boosting its continuous battery life by over 20%, and its time to recharge has been slashed by over 55%. Plus, ROAMEO 2.0 can now autonomous return to its charging station and wirelessly recharge.

ROAMEO’s autonomous navigation systems have also been redesigned, allowing for greater accuracy and responsiveness. Other improvement to ROAMEO 2.0 include a totally new wheel assemblies, (4 independently controlled drive wheels) enabling great maneuverability, power and control.

And just like ROAMEO 2.0, the list of enhancement goes on, and on . . .

Want to see the new ROAMEO 2.0 brochure? Click the link below.

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