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AITX’s wholly owned subsidiaries (RAD, RAD-M, RAD-G) deliver robotics and artificial intelligence-based hardware and software solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges, and fuel new business ideas at a reduced cost.



RAD designs, engineers, manufactures, delivers, and maintains stationary workflow automation solutions that significantly improve enterprise organizations operations while saving significant expense.
RAD•M designs, engineers, manufactures, delivers, and maintains mobile workflow automation solutions that significantly improve enterprise organizations operations while saving significant expense.
RAD•G is AITX’s newest wholly-owned subsidiary. It’s a software company that creates solutions inline with the Autonomous Remote Services manifesto. Further details will be released in the coming months.

Recent Tweets and Updates from AITX CEO Steve Reinharz

Recent Tweets and Updates from AITX CEO Steve Reinharz


“I do jump at every chance to share RAD’s vision and mission – participating in conferences, panels, webinars, and posting away on social media. “

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“RAD is growing at an astounding pace, and that couldn’t happen without an A-list team of talent working together within a culture that empowers them to thrive. Attracting such employees, keeping them motivated and delivering to their full potential, and doing so without high churn-and-burn, requires a different approach to corporate growth and development. “

AITX Is At the Forefront of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Steve Reinharz, founder of AITX came upon the concept of ‘Autonomous Remote Services (ARS)’ as the logical, certainly not natural, next phase in industrial evolution.

ARS represents a wholesale business transformation of the security and other industries presently bound with personnel. It’s a pure, 4th Industrial Revolution application of how we should be thinking about the best ways to deliver security, facility, concierge, and health screening services by engineering solutions from the ground up.

AITX’s wholly owned subsidiaries have created the new Autonomous Remote Services industry using custom designed robotics and artificial intelligence-based technology. These solutions empower organizations to improve efficiencies in high frequency workflow tasks, deploy needed technology in areas previously impossible, solve complex challenges, and do it all at costs significantly lower than legacy solutions.

“…the EQ philosophy extends to clients, investors, and other stakeholders. Technology solutions created by an EQ-empowered workforce will be thoughtful, performance-driven, deliver honestly against expectations, and deliver value based on merit – just like the team that developed it. “

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“By creating a corporate culture driven by EQ strategy, you can feel confident that RAD’s tremendous team has all the direction, structure, support, and focus necessary to deliver on our mission. “

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