ROAMEO from RAD, Still Rockin’, Not Forgotten Experience the cutting-edge in autonomous security technology with our latest video, showcasing the enhanced capabilities of RAD’s ROAMEO as it undergoes rigorous R&D testing at our Waterloo, Ontario facility. This footage, captured from the perspective of a RAD RIO, highlights ROAMEO’s upgraded LIDAR navigation technology—engineered to deliver unmatched precision and reliability in real-world environments. […]

RADCam™ Unboxing & Reveal by $AITX CEO Steve Reinharz

“From Talk-Down to Talking Cameras” $AITX and RAD CEO/CTO Steve Reinharz unboxes the final candidate of RADCam with RAD President Mark Folmer and RAD Industrial Designer Artur Tchoukanov on Monday May 20, 2024. RADCam, available from RAD-R in late 2024 will be the first residential security to be AIR-Infused. All RAD Inc. devices will feature […]