AITX’s Subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices Announces ‘Bailey’s 5’, an Expansion of the ‘Bailey’s Gift’ Campaign

Five Schools to be Awarded RAD’s ROSS AI-based Security Solution Steve Reinharz Discusses the Need and Opportunity for RAD’s ROSS AI-based Firearm Detection and Introduces Bailey’s 5 Detroit, Michigan, January 24, 2023 — Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., (the “Company”) (OTCPK:AITX), a global leader in AI-driven security and productivity solutions for enterprise clients, along […]

Steve Reinharz Interviewed by Chuck Harold at GSX 2022

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AITX and RAD Summer 2022 Open House Recorded Monday July 18th at the REX in Detroit, MI In case you missed it live on YouTube, you can now view the entire AITX & RAD Summer 2022 Open House. It was an incredible event, loaded with updates, a deep look into RAD’s technologies, product demonstrations and the announcement of the ‘Bailey’s Gift’ […]

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