From Swamp to Swimming Hole; Let’s Transform the OTC Market

By Steve Reinharz, President and CEO, Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. “Know what you own.” It’s one of the few mantras among OTC traders that I whole-heartedly endorse. Okay, I’m coming at this not as a trader but as CEO of a tech start-up looking to share information among the trading community. But trader or “tradee,” […]

RAD and Its Dealers

For those keeping score… This week we’re signing another Top 15 security company, more on that very soon, last week we signed St. Moritz, last month we announced that NexGen and Servexo had come on board. That’s 4 new RAD dealers in 2021, and it’s just early March. Not to mention, but I will mention […]

What’s the Secret Sauce Driving RAD’S Success?
A Heavy Dollop of EQ

An essay by RAD’s Founder and President Steve Reinharz I am hardly an impartial judge, but in my not-so-humble opinion, RAD is nailing it. We’re pushing the envelope in the innovation we deliver, while racking up achievements that do our team proud. Despite this track record, I still hear comments cloaked as “constructive criticism”. I […]