Jeffrey A. Slotnick<br>CPP, PSP<br>Chairman of Board of Advisors

President, Setracon Enterprise Security Risk Management Services,Founder Safe Washington,  United States Army Engineer Corp, CSM Retired Mr. Jeffrey A. Slotnick, CPP, PSP is an internationally known Enterprise Security Risk Consultant with more than 28 years of experience, peer recognized as a “Thought Leader” and a “Critical Architect in homeland security”. As an ISO credentialed Lead […]

Tony Dong

Tony Dong is an enterprise risk management professional with 3 years’ experience advising large multi-million dollar organizations in the public & private sectors on strategic, operational, and financial risks. He also has 2 years’ experience in corporate security, and 2 years reserve service in the Canadian Armed Forces. On the side, Tony co-founded Äventyr, a […]

Ricky R. Davis,<br>MA, CPD

Mr. Ricky Davis’ security and risk management career began during his honorable and faithful service in the United States Army, serving in combat, security force advisory, and intelligence positions, respectively.  His 27 years of worldwide experience in support of national and strategic security objectives provided him the opportunity to work and collaborate with some of […]

Rene Pasculescu,<br>MBA, MSc, CPP

Rene has been managing the Civitas Group for the last 9 years and he is one of the group’s shareholders. He has worked for this group of companies for more than 18 years, previously being involved in IT industry. Starting with 2007 Rene took over the CEO position for one of the group’s company, the […]

Patrick Lashford

Patrick Lashford is an accomplished entrepreneur, executive management consultant and business strategy specialist. He began his storied career at a young age where he started a technology management consultancy advising business leaders on using and adopting modern technologies and processes effectively within their organizations.  Success in the technology sector lead Patrick to starting a string […]

Craig Peterson

Craig Peterson possesses a demonstrated background of 15 years in the electric utility industry. He currently serves as a local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Steward in the New Jersey area, and is also a valued member of a multitude of other safety and grassroots customer service councils. On the job, Craig is tasked […]

Antonio Johnson

A native of Memphis, TN, while claiming Dallas, TX as his second home, Antonio Johnson has managed to accomplish much of what he set his mind to. From the tender age of 10 years old, Antonio’s entrepreneurial and innovative mindset led to him starting a business selling beverages. Today, Antonio lives in the retirement town […]

Antoinette King

Antoinette King, founder of Credo Cyber Consulting, LLC, has over 20 years of experience in the security industry holding roles which include Engineered Systems Specialist, Operations Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and Key Account Manager in both integration and manufacturing. Drawing on her 2+ decades of experience, Antoinette founded Credo Cyber Consulting in 2020 with the […]

Hope Casserly

Hope Casserly is a developing electrical engineer in training (EIT). She obtained her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Guelph University, located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Currently she is working with RAD as an in-house engineer at the REX Facility (Detroit, MI). With experience in both automotive and aerospace R&D industry, Hope is excited, […]

Dennis Crowley

Dennis Crowley is the Managing Member of Belenus Holdings, LLC, an investment, business, and management consulting firm.  In addition, he is a partner at North & Webster, SSG, a private equity firm, and serves on several advisor boards including ThreatMinder, Ghost Robotics, Robotic Assistant Devices, Asylon, and Intellenet.  He is an accomplished Senior Executive and […]