Robotic Assistance Devices Announces 72 Hour Shipment on Some Products


Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) today announced that its recent investments in new production locations, increased staff, enhancements to its supply chain is keeping up with forecasted increases in demand.

RAD previously announced expansion activities in the US and Canada, including additional production capacity in its new Irvine, California facility, concentrating on the company’s stationary solutions.

“Delivery lead times have a significant impact on the success of our dealers’ and end-users’ projects. RAD closely monitors the needs of our customers, and by efficiently streamlining our supply chain while expanding our production capacity, we have lowered lead times to help our customers take immediate advantage of all that the RAD suite of solutions can provide them,” said Steve Reinharz, President and CEO of RAD. “We have recently reduced our lead times by nearly 40%, and we’re happy to announce that this week we are shipping a client a new ROSA unit within 72 hours from receiving the order.”

The company also mentioned that these investments in production capacity will continue to broaden and scale as new dealers and end-user clients come onboard. “Starting in March of this year, RAD will be implementing a Quick Ship option for our two hottest devices, ROSA and AVA, with orders for these shipping in just 72 hours,” Reinharz concluded.